Here’s the list of loved ones who are serving our country either closely related to the people who come to our church, or are their friends.


Maxx Mamula
Karisma Kling
Phil Cooper
Clint Christofk
Brandon Lampe (“Monster Dude”)
Will Gray
Brandon Saul
Isaiah Camacho
Jessica Ritters
Capt. Katherine Milbury
Capt. Sean Westrick

Capt. Katie Westrick,
Major Bryan Clausen
Brandon Walden
Josh Walden, Brandon’s Brother, is active duty Army.
Jeremy Rutherford
Willis Manley
Nick Delise
Josh Cutter
Kevin McGuyre
Master Sergeant Brianne Martinez

Kelly Hulcy
Brian McWilliams
Christian Gibbons
Josiah Stowe
Taylor Vidinha
Christopher Thomson
Ethan Myers
Zack Myers
Brandon Murphy
Evon Kuykendall
Quincy VanVleck