There are forms by the Agape Box which are provided for you to fill out and state your prayer needs & ask questions. Leave contact info. if you’d like for us to contact you. Especially if you are new to the church, we’d love to meet you! You can also call Pastor Jeff, Tom Gillett, David Just, or Lori. Cards with contact information are available.

Pastor Jeff Alaways, Lead Pastor: (530) 277-9873

Pastor Tom Gillett,
Youth Ministry ~We call it “Simple Youth”~: (530) 559-2253

Associate David Just: (916) 770-7262

Lori Alaways, Pastor’s Wife, Women’s Ministry Leader,
Music Ministry: (530) 277-0764

Ladies meet to pray every Tuesday at the church office:
9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.